Teddy Bears for the Troops is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that sends care packages to deployed military and encourages their families.


Our Mission

Bringing joy to deployed military is not just a mission, it is a passion for us.  Our military spends countless hours working to ensure our freedom.  We take the time to show our appreciation by sending toiletries, cookies, a teddy bear and a pillowcase.  We even sent freeze pops to firefighters at Kirkuk, Iraq!  

We have sent teddy bears to soldiers recovering from wounds incurred while deployed to encourage them also.

Several times distraught children of a deployed service member have been given a teddy bear.  It brings comfort to know Mom or Dad sent them a bear from so far away.  


Hello Cathy Latimer -
Your bears have helped us a lot by giving the guys something to hold when things look down, which sadly is a lot of the time here now. Thank you for your kindness.
— Sgt. David Larsen, Legion Company, Rustamiyah, Iraq

What We've Achieved

  • Over 1,000 bears sent to deployed military as of January 2016

  • One pallet of supplies, including personal and medical supplies and 85 teddy bears, shipped to Haiti following the earthquake in 2010

  • Presentations made to supporters at numerous churches and colleges

  • Over 1500 toy soldiers given to individuals to remind them to pray daily for our military members safety

  • Float in 4th of July and Christmas parades in Naples, FL

  • Gifts given to military members attending Take A Soldier Fishing Day ~ September 2015

  • PTSD healing prayer given to all requests