Teddy Bears for the Troops sends care packages to deployed military members of all branches of the service.

Each care package includes a teddy bear that has been taken to church, loved on and blessed.  The people who hold the bears pray for that soldier's safety, their families, and a joyful reunion upon completion of deployment.


Ladies at the Viking Sewing Gallery inside Jo Ann Fabrics Store in Naples, Florida decided to support Teddy Bears for the Troops by making pillowcases to be sent with each bear.  On Wednesday, July 6, 2016  nine ladies took to the sewing machines to see how many could be made in a four hour session.  19 pillowcases were made with ladies taking home material to finish many more.  In two days 52 pillowcases were completed!!  

You can make a few pillowcases and mail them to us.  The troops love to receive home made items. We appreciate all of you who have helped. Thank you for the continued support from Bonnie and Steve Albrecht and Stacee Burton. God Bless you!