US Army MP's in Romania receive care packages

In February 2014, 48 Army MPs from Ft. Bliss, TX deployed to Romania.  Within 2 months their names were given to us for care packages.  In addition to a bear, each person received cookies, candy, toiletries and decks of cards.    The excitement on their faces was enough to encourage us in the home office to send care packages to more deployed military.  

US Air Force Firefighters in Post Earthquake Haiti

US Air Force firefighters deployed to Haiti immediately after the earthquake in 2010 were sent a pallet of supplies from citizens of Naples, Florida.  DHL was kind enough to ship the pallet for free.  Included in the shipment were personal hygiene supplies, medical supplies, bedding and 85 teddy bears.  The airmen gave all bears to the mercy ship to be distributed to the injured children.  Several of the airmen told me, "The children were so excited to receive a bear that they could keep.  They had lost everything so this was their only possession."   The bedding was given to the 23 Haitians our troops were training to be firefighters.  Thank you USAF firefighters for all you do!

We are all extremely grateful

My team and myself are all extremely grateful to you and your team for the extraordinary bears you have sent to us.  The fact that they are all blessed makes them that much more special.  

Please let all the people know that their blessings are very much appreciated and our prayers are with them as well.  People like yourself and the church make all of us feel a sense of accomplishment as well as importance.  It;s great to know that there are people like you out there.  Thank you for all your do.  God Bless you!

Cpl. Juan Pineros   USMC
Team Rhino Detachment 3  Team 3